Looking for a mentor!


Im from the Uk and I think Im in need of a mentor!!! I really want to freelance in Webdesign and I think i just dived in and started to try and learn all types of languages including front end and backend.

Bit of help and guidance would go a long way… any offers? or ideas where i could go?

My idea of where you can go?

You’re already there … Here!

By searching and posting in threads you have the expertise and experience of a countless number of members that will be glad to help you learn.

ahh ya right… i have been going through quite a few threads very helpful…
I was kinda looking for someone one on one… as in speaking with someone via email etc

my area of fault is I start one thing and after hoarding through a million websites I leave with different ideas and not having a clue what to do wih them …

but certainly this forum is a start … :slight_smile:

Well after you start asking questions, and if you see a user is answering your questions a lot you could PM them…