Looking For a Digital Camera Database

Forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong section.

I’m looking for a database of product information for digital cameras and accessories (msrp, description, image (if possible), etc) for a client application I’m developing. A paid solution is fine, as is an API or web service I can make requests to.

Any help is much appreciated.

Try “digital camera database” ; you probably did not enclose the phrase, the parenthesis limit the search to exclude pages with any or all the words to only that phrase.

It should be the wrong place, but it’s not.

I found several databases, took all of fifteen seconds searching Google. You can find others, as I hear it, Google is fairly keen on getting the word out.

But this is the height of digital foolishness. Not because of the database, but because of the concept that you plop down a scrape (of bare bones data) and you’re done.

A dollar will get you three, the client doesn’t even know the myth of the megapixel. It’s important to supplement the raw data with context.

Don’t throw the user into an ocean of raw data and expect them to thank you for it. Users want information on selecting the right camera for them, nine times out of ten all these data dump sites do is get the user to leave to find information.

Usually information on a person who has used the product, and has some expertise in photography. People will pay for expertise. In essence that’s what catalogers make their money from. And sorry, slapping in a comment module won’t get the job done. (Unless you want Viagra with that camera).

What a site with a business proposition of raw data does is start a drive to zero markup, the ability to make just about nothing on a sale – minus the free shipping you’ll offer. If that’s what you’re looking to do, it’s a merchandising atrocity waiting to happen.


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Thanks for the advise – what query did you use to search Google? I used “Digital Camera Database” and found nothing helpful.