Global Product/SKU Database for price comparison site

Hi all.

This is my first post on forum, so please allow me to mature myself with your kind suggestion to use the forum. Also I am not a Developer so please bear with me non technical questions I may have.

I am planning to start a online price comparison site. So I researched a few ready to use scripts and also spoke to few developers to find a solution.

In this planning phase, I came to a very important issue. PRODUCT DATABASE.

The question is; Is there any site or way to get Global Product Database with Specifications?
If the site does not have any product database, I wont be able to do Internet Marketing/SEO and following to that no merchant will sign up as it would not have traffic.
Also merchants generally dont provide with Product specs, they just provide Price.

So please guide if there is any way to gather the database of product to put on the site.

Signing up to API, is complicated to implement, as wish to use millions of product which are sold online. Also signing affiliate accounts to get the feeds, is the last option in my business model for now. I have seen many website who have products with price listed from Biggies of Ecommerce and am confident that the Biggies would not have signed up as a merchant on that site. So there should be a technical way to get the Product Database to list on the site and then get prices for those products from Biggies selling that product.

Please let me know if I need to add any further info to better solve my issue.

Hi There,

I understand your issue, but I would like to have little more information about what exactly are you looking at?

There are several ways to get product info and price from affiliates, to display on your website… I also would like to know which technology do you want to use?

I would then be able to tell you what is the easiest way to achieve what you are expecting.


Hi elayers,

Appreciate your input.

We are not trying to get product data from affiliates or APIs. We wish to have all Product Data (known branded products in all categories) in our own database first and then merchants will signup to provide prices and specials info.

We wish to start with few thousand products and then grow.
So the trouble is how to gather data of products!

Site will be in PHP and MySQL or MongoDB.