Looking for a calendar script

I know there are a lot of free calendar scripts (or cheap ones) out there, but I’m not sure what kind I’m looking for or what it might be called (my english isn’t perfect).
I’m setting up a web site where people or small companies can come to a small get together thing. A couple of nights there will be a baking course, other nights cooking food together and also a small recording studio where they can record a song.

On the web site they will be able to see the different things we do and read about them on separate pages.
Then I will make a page where they can see what dates are on the schedule.
Then I thought it would be nice if they can click on one of the dates and fill in their name and contact details and I will receive an e-mail.
Even better if I can set a limit, so no more than XX people can join. But sometimes I guess there won’t be enough people to have anything at all, so I guess that number should be invisible to the audience. :wink:

If a company would like to do something together one night, I will probably put that on a separate part of the web site, so they can contact me and set up a date.
The calendar is only for the ordinary people who like to go on their own or with a friend or whatever.

I hope you understand what I’m talking about.
Anyway, I just wanted to know if someone out here can tell me what calendar would be perfect for my needs or what I should search for. What it might be called.
But if anyone have tried some of them, maybe you can tell me which one works best for this. And, of course, looks good.

You may want to look into something like meetup. You create a group, you can limit who joins, etc, and you can schedule events, etc, that your members can RSVP to.

There may be costs associated to being an organizer.

Would be nicer to ha a script on my own site. Instead of something like meetup.

You can use their API to embed some of the data into your site… http://www.meetup.com/meetup_api/

Otherwise, I’d suggest using google and trying out all of the 1000s of calendars out there.