Looking for a better newsletter script

i want to look for a free php newsletter script, mainly use to sent mail to forum membership,so hope it can support import,and subscribe by other people.
any tips would be appreciated.


Doesn’t your forum software come with integrated mailing solution?

In that case, a search for wordpress newsletter would want to be investigated

i have tried it, but when i add a list,the language(not english) can not display right,

I don’t think phplist is better, it’s not even good i think.
One can take concept of newsletter (especially db structure) from existing opensources lik:

  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress Plugins

your best bet is to use a third party service and pay the monthly fee…email (unlike other systems) is more than just software. To effectively send mass email you need to be listed on various whitelists and remain OFF even more black lists.

There is a great deal of political tape in runninig a newsletter these days and to remain CAN-SPAM compliant is a lot of work and research, something you will not likley find in a freewaree or open source solution.

CampaignMonitor is a cost effective and reliable service and it looks fantastic too.


Try Pommo.
I didn’t like the look of PhpList when I tried it.

Yes I totally agreee :slight_smile:

I’ll certainly be giving poMMo a go

i dont know it is wise solution or not
but see for one which provides you stmp server options to send mails.

I dont think you will be able to send good email to right folder if you send using email of your regular host.
It will end up all in bulk.

so what ever may be the other features look for it as well.