Best free newsletter script

I need one that is easy to install with an install option if possible. PHP and msql . Needs to have the ability to send mail with templates. Export and import emails and contacts would be a nice feature but not required. It does need to be free.

Perhaps you already use one that works well for you with the above requirements. Please post the links for any you can recommend. Already installed one but doesnt have all the features I need.


Not PHP but take a look at DadaMail. Should do everything you need.#

It was too much for me too figure out tried b4 I saw ur post. Thanks anyhow.

I believe this is a good free script…


Yes phplist is best. I have 6000 members on it.

I will recommend too :wink:

hi guys…

my webhost restricted me from sending out bulk newsletter mailings - how would using this script help? Currently the newsletters (only about 2000) go out to forum members via a built-in newsletter feature in the forum software - this allows the newsletters to be personalised with eahc member’s name

But I can’t understand how you guys get around the bulk mailing restrictions…Am a bit confused… :eye:

phplist has a ‘throttling’ option, that regulates how many get sent per hour.

  • Vince

i like PoMMo

I like it too. Very nice!!