Long Tail Keywords Versus Short Tail Keywords

I have read pros and cons about Long Tail Keywords versus Short Tail Keywords for SEO

I would like to hear some of the experiences by memebers of this forum as to what is more beneficial: Long Tail Keywords or Short Tail Keywords? What works and what does not work?

Rather than me try to explain it all here, i’ll link to information on the long-tail:

Can you explain this on an example?

I think it’s easy to promote long tail keywords instead short.Both are work but we need more efforts for short tail keywords

Of course it’s easier to rank for long tails, but again those don’t bring the same amount of traffic as short tails.

Annnnd look what dropped into my RSS:


Long tail keywords will give faster results than short tail keywords. After you are stable with long tail keywords then focus on short tail keywords.

e.g. If your actual keyword is “Web Development” and if you are promoting this keyword you will require more time and efforts.

But if add some word in your actual keyword like “Customized Web Development” then this keyword will give you results with less time and efforts.

Once you succeed with “Customized Web Development” then focus on “Web Development”.

Can you clarify what you were explaining? “it’s the cumulative effect that out numbers the head for traffic”.

I am a newbie to Online Marketing and wanted to get a better understanding about long tailed keywords and short tailed keywords.

Then you don’t understand the concept of the long tail.

It’s not about individual words/phrases that make up that tail, it’s the cumulative effect that out numbers the head for traffic.

Hi Ian,

Thanks for all the links and your personal blog was very helpful. I now have a fair understanding of how important Long Tailed Keyword is to a business.