London 2012 Paralympics


What’s going on in here? Is nobody watching the London 2012 Paralympics? If the London 2012 Olympics thread was anything to go by…Then my guess is that you ARE all busy watching the games!

Well, if you’ve not been watching it, it’s already started, and the opening ceremony was fantastic, just like the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. This time the famous faces featured were Stephen Hawking and Ian McKellen! And what a brilliant job they both did too! What they were both saying to everyone was really thought-provoking. I felt inspired, so, I guess that’s one way of inspiring a generation, as per their motto / tagline!

Not to brag, but Team GB are currently 2nd in the medal rankings with 63 medals!..That’s only 49 medals behind China who are leading the rankings with a haul of 112 medals so far!

For those of you watching in the UK, what are your thoughts on Channel 4 having advertisement breaks? There’s been some discussions on that all over the web. One good point that somebody made was that Channel 4 don’t get income from the public via the TV license, unlike the BBC. But, still, it feels a bit cheap to me really.

So, who’s been watching and what events have been your favourite so far? Been inspired by any of the athletes stories yet? I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve shed more than a few tears watching the Paralympics.

All that aside, forgive me, but…


Paralympics GB team Rock! Ellie Simmonds goes like a torpedo. :cool:

Actually it is a lot more interesting than the Olympics because there is far more diversity and skill involved by the athletes.

I missed the opening, but TBH, we’ve been watching more of the Paralympics at home than we watched of the Olympics. It’s fascinating to learn about the athletes, what makes them tick, and the challenges they have overcome. Very inspiring. The only thing I don’t like is that we get very little info on what all the classifications mean, which is a bit frustrating. (Maybe it’s just the TV coverage here. It also bothers me to see a guy with no arms or legs swimming against others with two arms and two legs. Huh?)

Also, I’ve gotta say the “Meet the Superhumans” Channel4 promo has to be one of the best ads ever:

All round, the Brits have done a wonderful job of the Olympics/Paralympics this year. They’ve set the bar to a new height, for sure.

I didn’t even watch the Olympic Games (no, not a single competition) :lol:

[FONT=Verdana]We’re loving it. Some of the sports are simply mind-boggling. I missed the one-legged high jump this morning, but I did see totally-blind long jump. The courage that requires, and the utter trust in one’s coach, is truly astonishing. Great stuff. We were actually away over the weekend so that Running Bear could take part in the Great Scottish Run, and there were (as usual) wheelchair athletes competing in that. They’re really impressive to watch, although I’ve only seen them at the start and finish, where it’s reasonably flat. How they manage on the hilly sections, and over the Kingston Bridge, I can’t imagine - but they do. :slight_smile:

@ralph_m - Channel 4 has a great guide to the various classifications, which you might find interesting. The Telegraph also has a helpful summary.[/FONT]

Thanks TB. I’ve been a little lazy in Googling the issue. I only think of it when in front of the TV … where I’m too lazy to get up and go to the 'puter. Thanks for saving me the Googling. :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m not much better. :wink: Channel 4 are doing the TV coverage here, and from time to time they show their “Lexi” classification guide for an event and mention it’s available online. I keep meaning to look, but the TV is downstairs and the computer upstairs, so … (: And then you reminded me about it while I was sat here at the machine, so now we’re both happy. :slight_smile:

INDIA got his first medal in Paralympics !!! great…

Yes, I need a category of my own: L1 (which stands for Laziness, category 1: severely restricted movement due to apathy and general tiredness).

[FONT=Verdana]Great way to end the games (if you’re British ;)) - a fourth Gold medal for David Weir, this time in the marathon. He really is amazing. And a Silver for Shelley Woods in the women’s race, too. Great stuff. There have been so many great moments over the last ten days, it’s been a real joy to watch the Paralympics.

Roll on the Commonwealth Games. :lol:[/FONT]

Just watched the closing ceremony! Amazing, well done to all the american paralympians who have done amazing throughout and are bringing home more gold and silver than we could have imagined, Also big hats off to team GB… what an amazing show, brazil have defiately got their work cut out! :slight_smile:

I never watched the Olympics because I never had a time to do so but I want my country to win of-course.

Yes, I watched it and enjoyed it far more than the Olympic closing ceremony. And as you say, congratulations - not just to our own nation’s athletes, or the medal winners, but to all those who took part. It really was a competition of the highest quality.

I saw many para from internet . it was good .


I didn’t get a time to watch the event coz of busy in work. I missed the closing ceremony also but it was great as i seeing the pics of the closing ceremony on the net. It was really great!

OK guys, the Paralympics are over, so it’s time for us to get back to work. :slight_smile:

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