Localhost set up

What set up of localhost you prefer? WAMPSERVER, XAMPP? or separately installed, apache mysql and php?


I’m happy with MAMP Pro, very easy to use, and I can run an unlimited number of sites.

does it support PostgreSQL?


For free, I am comfortable with the XAMPP . You should go with the php7 version.

I believe you can install it separately.

Thank you for your inputs. If I would set up XAMPP or MAMP/WAMP on my machine and eventually go with Vagrant setup, should I uninstall everything and install Vagrant first or it’s ok to install Vagrant with those (XAMPP, MAMP) on my machine.

Really appreciate your help!

You can run both XAMPP (or MAMP or WAMP) and Vagrant. You don’t need one or the other…

I am happy by using XAMPP, this si best for me.

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