Local wordpress site to live method concern

I have been working on a site locally and need to upload it to the server and I was going to use duplicator. But I am not sure if I may create a problem for myself further down the road as I have been trying different things out locally.

For instance I have been trying out different plugins including Woocommerce and have test pages and some of these I do not want in the live site. I am worried that even if I clean up my local version there may still be rubbish left in the database. I suppose I am not confident word press will clean up everything. I have found the wp-optimise and wp-sweep plugins; would running these be enough to cleanup the site or should I delete the local site and rebuild it again without all my test pages and plugins?

That’s sounds like a good argument for maintaining a pre-production copy offline, and keeping your development version separate. You could pull a copy of your live version back to your local machine to use as your pre-prod instance, and only update that with changes you definitely want to see going live - push to the live server from there.

The local site is completely different to the current site; looks like I should junk the local site and start afresh to be safe.

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