Developing WP locally, Upload to live site

I’ve worked with WP before and am comfortable with PHP/MySQL but am trying a new development process.

I develop locally on my MAMP setup. I want to move the site to the live site for client test and client review (while there’s a static “under construction” home page). Then, after test and client approval, move to the root directory.

Is there a best practice such as using a sub-domain for client review? E.g.

If that’s ok, don’t I have to re-configure settings in the Admin area?

I use a WordPress Plugin that maintains the real live production website available for the client AND it provides an “under construction” splash page for all other visitors. That is super simple and it works.

If you want something more elaborate then you’ll need a script to migrate your MAMP setup onto the online host. If the online host is under your control, like if it is your server, then this is okay because you’ll always have control over your source and destination… But if your client has his/her own host, migrating from your local setup to theirs might be a new adventure with each client.

The plugin is wp maintenance.