Linking to a Forex Site Good or Bad?

Is linking to a Forex Site good or bad for your site? Really what I want to know is it bad as in like linking to a casino site bad.


I think it is depend on you. If you think that is good, then link to it. But if you think it is not, why don’t you link that forex site to your site?

If you’re being asked to link to sites that are not relevant to yours and don’t appear to have any great value to your visitors, don’t do it. Link farms are a scourge on the web, and search engines treat them with the disdain they deserve.

Forex == Foreign exchange market…correct? Why would you think that would be bad?

The guy first wanted me to link to Casino site, I said no, then he offered Forex site.

The real questions you should be asking:

  1. When you visit the Forex site it is a good resource? Or is it spammy or junky?
  2. Is there a reason your site’s users would find the link useful? Or is this more about money for you?

Of what use is it to the visitors to your site? If its of no use, then its bad.

It is very obvious that before linking to any website you should check whether it is good or bad, good in terms of resourceful not spammy. If you are linking to a website that you think looks good and have other good links as well than their is no harm. But please recheck the same.