Linking my website to another site

I have created a website and want to link it to a site(s) like amazon so that people can search for a product and the results will come up on my site. Is this or something like it possible?

i dont understand how can you link your site like amazon?
yes if you join ppc network they you will get traffic.

Well, even I don’t understand your question, but there must be some option in website like Amazon. When you will open account in such website then while setting your profile or while listing your specific product you will get option for link add. In case if you won’t get the such option, then you can only write your company name.

Register in amazon as a publisher and generate widget from amazon to add it in your website. Amazon providing options to generate different types of ads and widget to add a website.

Linking is 2 way process, If you want that your website link should be visible on others website then you also have to put their link on your website. You can even use Social Media like (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) so that people come to know about your website. You can use Paid ads also.

The question is clear. He wants a to publish a product in amazon’s shopping list and then want traffic to his site by the product. But If you sell any product on amazon then it will show on amazon sites and you will not get traffic to your site.

As it’s been almost a month and the OP hasn’t returned, I think it’s safe to assume they’ve either found the solution or lost interest, and close the thread.