Anyone have experience using Amazon/Kindle for SEO?

I have been told that you can achieve high rankings for keywords on your site if you first create an eBook with the keyword in the title and a link to your website. Then create backlinks to the URL of the eBook on Amazon. I am looking for examples of how this has actually worked. Anyone out there done this, or know of anyone who has? I haven’t been able to find tutorials.

It’s hard to see any value in this approach. Rather than spending time getting links to the ebook, it wold be much more useful to get links to the site itself.

It might be possible to use an ebook to promote a website, but it would have to be a book that people actually want to read - one that offers some definite value in itself. Nobody is going to take any notice of any ebook that only exists as a promotional tool.


We are running with same techniques since four months and more then 30% result achieved with targeted keywords but I just marked one thing, there we have more traffic from amazon instead of google (on keywords ranking) and some must from social media channels. Looks good result to promote on eBook.