Linking directly to javascript function in an A HREF link?

Please click the link below.

You will notice the different options for the menu in the left sidebar. I will need to link directly to some of these pages from an outside site. It this possible?


You should be able to do that, but you’ll have to probably change the way things work a little bit.

Firstly, it’s probably a good idea to give each of your menu sections an ID, so you can uniquely identify them. (For example, the <div class=“col”> that contains the starters menu might be <div id=“starters” class=“col”>)

Then, a link to a specific menu page may look like:

Then you can check the URL’s hash when the page loads and see if it matches one of your IDs, if it does, you can move to the correct menu page.

(You can use window.location.hash to get the contents of the hash. See

perfect!!! Thank so much for your help.

hmm…I think this is an awesome javascript for my web layout, I need this and searching in may places but never find. Thank you for the reference.