In Landing Page Navigation Menu is working but when it goes to another page then nothing!

I have a Landing page what i am working on, i have two pages, one is index.html and others is new_quote.php i use same menu which i make with calling section #id, But in the new_quote.php page the menu does not work. its just doing nothing now what i can do please give me some suggestion Bro. my Page Link is and other pages link is , now what is good to do, its just make me so down.

It’s not working on either page - the class is changing, but it’s not scrolling to the content and a js error is being thrown.

The main issue is you’re using a placeholder as a absolute link, so on new_quote.php, it’s looking for a section on THAT page called section1, section2, etc. At the very least, you’ll at the very least need to add a slash before the #, though that makes my skin crawl - I’d prefer to see /index.html#section5 but that’s just me…

That menu is targeting IDs like section2 and section3, which do not exist on the “new_quote.php” page, so they go nowhere.
A href which starts with a hash (#) goes to an ID on the same page. to go to a different page you mist give the page name in the href.

It looks like you’re using the same html page (only that you change the name) with parallax effect and the links rely heavely on JQuery to work.

Looks where the links in the new_quote.php take you… to sections on the same new_quote.php… that are not there, they do not exist!

hey bro i try that but it doesn’t work, dont know why see my navigation codes
“/index.html#section7” i try that but :pensive:

So what are you suggesting me to do? Any suggestion, i have to use these menu from index.html but i am hopeless

Did you upload it? The pages look exactly the same to me - the urls still have href=“#section7 instead of href=“/index.html#section7”

i try that on localhost, ok i am uploading it in 5 minute.

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