Link to any page -- size is HUGE - please help

Help! I just uploaded this new custom blog here. Click on any of the links on the one post: title, uncategorized, etc and see if your page gets HUGE. I checked in all the browsers. What’s happening? I’ve never had this happen before.

Also, can’t figure out what class to add so I can change title (Hello World). I’ve tried .post, .post a, #left post, #left post a, and it won’t pick up the size. I even added an <h2> tag to <?php the_title(); ?> in the page.php file and tried to style the post h2 but wouldn’t work.

Also, why won’t the text or image show under the newsletter sign up box? It’s just a small box where linked text should be.

Any idea about why image under newsletter box isn’t showing?

You are a life saver or a lifesaver (candy); however you want to look at it :-). No just kidding. Thank you so much!

The url to styles.css (css/styles.css) is relative. And the file is not found in the inner pages. Make the url /blog/css/styles.css

Acutally, I realized…the css style sheet that you were talking about isn’t the correct one. I was using that to create the css and html file before uploading it. The correct one is here: And, when I use the absolute link to it on the header.php file, it goes HUGE again. It’s the correct css file.???