Help me with CSS!

Hello everyone, i am new here and want a small help.
I am using Newspaper theme in my WordPress Blog.
In my posts when i apply a page break it shows something like this:

But I want it to change it something which can show only Links with PREVIOUS and NEXT button

Can any one tell me how to do this?
NOTE: This is about Post pagination not Page Pagination.

I want to change it to like this:

I had heard that people of this forum help. Really??

Welcome, @Aditya_Singh. You have to be patient - you originally posted on a weekend (a long holiday weekend where I am) and so people might be away. Also, the members of this forum help people out on a voluntary basis. Hopefully someone will come along soon who is able to help you.

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Though this is a forum of members, not a support business, so what happens depends on the members that see your topic.
(weekends tend to be slower)

One thing you could do, is help others to be able to help you.

Images may look nice, but what would really be useful is to see some code that you are using (portions of the HTML and the corresponding CSS) that you are having problems with.

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