Lightbox image by click on google maps marker

Hi, I have several google map markers and lightbox image gallery in the html file. I need to associate each image from the gallery with the markers. I’m not very familiar with javascript, could you please give me some code?

I’ve tried this

google.maps.event.addListener(marker01, 'click', function() {

“bump” is id of div with the image, but it didn’t work.
Thank you!

Take a look at Betsy Kimak’s Blog » Blog Archive » Getting Lightbox and GMap to Play Nice Together: How? Slimbox

Thank you, hexburner. It’s worth a look, but I think it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I will try to describe it little bit more.

i have HTML code

<a href=“clouds.swf” class=“bump”>clouds</a>

and a marker with this

google.maps.event.addListener(marker01, ‘click’, function() { window.location = “pano/pano02.swf”; });

When I click on link in html code, it displays pano02.swf as bumpbox (lightbox alternative) - that’s great! But when I click on google map marker, it opens new window with that pano02.swf. (I assume that window.location = “pano…”; need to be replaced with something different.) And the question is…How to display it as bumpbox by clicking on google map marker?

In Betsy Kimak’s blog it is displayed through Infowindow, but I need to display it directly by click on marker. Anyway, I’ll do some research on her code. Thanks