Let user create own email-forwarders?


quick question: Is it possible to let users create their own email-forwarders, if you own an own webspace, with about 5000 possible email forwarders, with PHP? If yes, how, and if not, with what?

the potential for abuse is so great there that i would rather advise against it. Let them submit a request to you via email, and set them up manually. That way you know that #1: Their email is valid. #2: The roomname isnt something like #pornstarslovemelongtime (Trying to keep it somewhat PG rated there, but you get the idea)

Understandable; thanks for the advice.

Why do you need to give users the ability to make email forwarders?

I have a project that is related to a chat room, and every chat room there has a room name, so Iā€™d like to let them create a subdomain - email, for example ā€œowner@roomname.domain.comā€.