Update to cPanel causing issues?

Have a catchall / default email setup at the hosts, and some auto responders there as well. All has worked perfectly for about 14 years with no issues, noticed a few days ago, that the last email received from there was last April, and usually there’s at least 2/3 a week, (it’s not the main business, so it wasn’t top on the radar).

I’ve tested it umpteen times, and sending to a particular email address is fine, but no-one seems to receive it???

Any help much appreciated.


Write to the support, they should be able to check and fix your issue :wink:

They say that if you have an autoresponder, then you must also have a forwarder??!!??

Did you ask them what they meant? I’m not sure why an autoresponder requires a forwarder, but they would be the best people to explain what they meant and why…

They just said that there’s no other way to do it? On your hosting, (assuming cPanel) can you receive emails when there’s an autoresponder involved and with no forwarder setup?

Have been receiving emails successfully for about 16 years, with no issues, all the various email addresses have their own autoresponders, there’s also a catchall default email account for other emails. All worked great, then I think about April this year, I found that emails sent to us were not being received by us? On checking with the hosts, they said that there needed to be a forwarder for the emails to be received. Have now done this, and the emails are now being received by us.

It appears that if you have an autoresponder, you have to have a forwarder as well???

Question is this, I never used forwarders before for this to work, so why now??

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Sorry, I don’t have cPanel, I have a different CP. I may be wrong but I’m not sure that the control panel should make a difference. It’s a long time since I used an autoresponder and when I did, I don’t think I had a forward for that email address. I also stopped using catchall email addresses some while ago as they are spam magnets.

I take it your host’s support is not very forthcoming? If it were my host I would be going back and forth to them till I got the problem resolved.

I’m a bit confused about what you’re forwarding to where.

You have a default e-mail address set up, with an auto-responder. You normally receive this e-mail - how? By logging into the webmail system, or by using an e-mail client to download it to your computer? I can’t see why either method would require a forwarder, since you’re not “forwarding” anything; you’re merely accessing the mail directly by one means or another.

I’m confused on it as well. :frowning: I emailed them about it and they replied:
The forwarder is to receive a copy of an email sent to an account, if that account us currently not accessible. If you set forwarder and autoresponder for an email account. If you sent a mail to that email account, you will receive and autorespond and your mail will be forwarded to the already set mail ID.

That’s really not very clear English. (Sounds horribly like a previous host I had problems with.)

However, you didn’t answer my question about how you had been accessing your mail prior to the problem.

Yep, I may end up changing hosts! :frowning:

I access the emails, the same way as I do now - MS Oulook on my desktop.

So you have Outlook set up to directly access your default address? Then there is no reason at all why you would need a forwarder. What are they suggesting you should be forwarding it to?

Have there been changes to the server which might have caused an issue with incorrect settings in Outlook?

Not as far as I know, and I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t believe anyhting the hosts told me.

So what is the situation now? Are you receiving mail?

Did you try disabling the auto-responder briefly to see whether that’s really part of the issue or a red herring?

When I disable the autoresponder, and have no forwarder, the emails come through fine.

When I disable the autoresponder, and have the forwarder, the emails come through fine.

When I enable the autoresponder, and forwarder, the emails come through fine.

When I disable the autoresponder, and have no forwarder, the emails come through fine.

When I enable the autoresponder, and have no forwarder, the emails don’t come through fine.

There is just the one default / catchall email address.

Any other ideas?

So you are setting the forwarder to forward mail from the default email address to the default email address - basically forwarding to itself? That doesn’t seem to make any sense.

My cPanel says:

Current Autoresponders

If you do not create a forwarder or email account with the same address as each autoresponder, mail sent to the autoresponder will only be handled by the autoresponder before it is discarded.

But you already have an email account for this address. I would either ask your host for further clarification, or find a new host.

I still have trouble understanding your setup, but haven’t you just proved that your host is correct and you do need a forwarder?

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The thing I find totally strange, is that for 16 years, using just a catchall default email account, with an autoresponder and without any forwarders, the emails have come through with no issues whatsoever, then, all of a sudden, in April this year, if I didn’t setup a forwarder, then I wouldn’t receive any emails?!?