Learning html css

I don’t really understand these elements like header, nav & navbar, container, padding, margin, align-items/ content, relative & absolute, and justify-content?

teamtreehouse and educative are really good places to learn! I struggled with flexbox but then I went on teamtreehouse. Designing on adobexd can help. organizing elements in folders is sometimes similiar to divs and grouping elements together gives a good idea on structure.

OK, you have to learn that there are basic delineations.

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)contains the actual content of the site. It is structured (or should be) in an organized manner. This is where header, nav
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) controls how the HTML is presented. This could be by adding color, organizing the data in a specific manner.
  • Javascript - this adds additional content/style to a site. It can alter the html or the css

The documentation on MDN is thorough and well layed out and explains things really well. There are some good basic tutorials in there.

But if those are intimidating, there are a number of other places to learn from. I find Kevin Powell to be a good resource. He has a channel on Youtube where he posts a lot of content, and has some courses he offers as well which are great.


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