Learning alternative to innerHTML

I’m learning a new synax to use in place of innerHTML. But the screen is still blank instead of displaying the jpg. Here is what I have:

In the <script>:

	var newWP = document.createElement('img');
	newWP.setAttribute('src', '0buggies/0118_buggies/wallpaper_18b2.jpg' );

In the body:

<div id='wrapper'><div id='scroller'>
	<ul><li><a id='output' href='index.html' onclick='returnTo()'></a></li></ul>

Is my syntax wrong? This is as I understood it from the course in lynda.com.


You have a typo. newWP is a var, not text.


If you want to make it a little cleaner, you have alot more going on than is needed.

var newWP = document.createElement('img');
newWP.src = '0buggies/0118_buggies/wallpaper_18b2.jpg';

do the setAttributes before the appendChild. It is better if everything visible in the page gets updated at once.

Oh, great, now it works! Thanks to you both for clearing that up. I’l amend my notes…