Learn Better and Show Off Easier, Thanks to Bluehost and Learnable

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One of the best things about learning web development is how quickly you can go from knowing absolutely nothing to creating something that looks vaguely professional, and then showing off to others.

It’s different to a field like carpentry, where you probably wouldn’t want anyone you care about sitting on your first chair. Or home brewing, where your first batch is probably not one you’d care to share with your worst enemy, let alone your nearest and dearest. The “competence to impressiveness” ratio is a little more forgiving with web development. Learning the field is also a bit easier when you have can use your knowledge on a project.

But one of the main barriers to showing off your latest incredible internet thing is hosting. It’s complicated, expensive, and not particularly accessible to a new developer.


Funnily enough, we here at SitePoint and Learnable have a solution. We’ve just partnered with Bluehost, one of the world’s largest and most trusted web hosting companies, to offer some high-quality learning, and the means to show off your new skills.

Through the deal, you can sign up for Bluehost’s Plus hosting package at its lowest ever price — an insane $3.50 per month — and get a free one-year Learnable subscription.

If you haven’t taken Learnable for a spin yet, you’re missing out on some fantastic stuff: books and courses on everything web-ey, from Angular to Bootstrap to CSS3 to topics beginning with every other letter of the alphabet (except X, but it's only a matter of time). The web industry is broad: everyone’s a beginner in some aspect of it, so even if you know a bit, there’s always something new to tackle.

You could sign up with the deal, get a basic site set up for yourself or your business, and then use Learnable’s courses and books to improve it over the rest of the year (and beyond, of course). It’s an ideal way to kickstart your web development career, or hobby.

At the very least, it’ll streamline showing off — and isn’t that the most important thing?

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Is there any sort of thing for existing bluehost members? For new members is there any sort of coupon code we need to know about?

Edit-nevermind; the forum version of the post doesn’t have taht affiliate link.

Ah, good catch, that’s now fixed.

I’m informed that renewing with this deal should give you the Learnable sub!

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Hi. I started a learnable membership on january, if I sign up for the blue hosting package do I get another year?

Hey! Again, I’m informed that it will extend your existing Learnable membership by a year!


  • Adam

Great. Thanks!

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