Illegal to use istockphoto images in a logo!?

I recently designed a logo using some vector images from istockphoto. Today, I was told that you can not create logos using stuff from istockphoto as it violates their terms of service and plus, the images are copyrighted (they are just royalty free).

Does anyone know the truth to this?

dunno, but I have a package called Clipart Explosion that lets you use the art and images for commercial use, with the exception that the clipart can’t be used for a logo.

So, it’s not unheard of.

I think they do that because if someone uses the clipart to design a logo, then another company uses the clipart to design a logo, there could easily be a legal battle.

That’s true. I am going to ask the artist of the clipart what he thinks. I just can’t seem to find the logo info in istockphoto’s legal jargon page.

Go to the url below. Under Section 4 Standard Licenses Prohibitions, sub-section 4 it reads (you may not) “4. use any of the Content as part of a trade-mark, design-mark, trade-name, business name, service mark, or logo;”

“royalty free” doesn’t mean that you can use a photo/art for “anything.” Rather, it means the company won’t charge you royalty fees for using the product under their list of what they “approve” that you can use the image / art for.

thanks for that info. I will abide by it and delete this logo project.

Yeah, I was looking at a brochure layout on stocklayouts — had me sold until I read the “fine print” and found out that they don’t come with fonts.

Ask the artist. I have plenty of vectors at istock and had several requests like yours, all were approved.

Thanks for the info, but I was told that once the vector is up at istockphoto, you can’t use it for a logo regardless if the artist says OK. I was tried to get permission from the artist and he told me this.

Can you clarify?

Um… didn’t know about that, I’ll have to take a closer look. :confused:

Sorry for bad tip…

Definitely agree with talking to the artist. You might even be able to have them create a custom graphic in the same style. For a small fee, of course, but it might be worth it.

Yeah, usually when the artist signs up to sell through an agency, they are typically in a binding contract where they can’t sell that piece / photo anywhere else.