Layout for a links page

I got a very simple html/css website. Im trying to keep it simple plus i dont know a lot about php or scripts. Anyway im gonna be trading links with certain related sites and i need a links page. Can you guys suggest a site that has a links page so i can get some ideas?

I dont know if theres a way to keep things organized without having to edit the page every time. and what if I get more then 1 page worth of links. I was thinking of figuring out how sites links little numbers at the botom of the page to another page like 1,2,3 ect.

Idk I cant get my thoughts out clearly. If you understand me and can give me some ideas and help id appreciate it.

And weres the seo on this site? This site seemed to change alot since i used to come on here.

The SEO forum’s been axed. Questions pertaining to SEO can be posted in the Internet Marketing forum.

To manage your content (or links in that case), you can use pretty much any simple off-the-shelf CMS. The numbers you’re referring to are called pagination.

yea i just went to a seo forum. I did like this site alot more the way it was some 5-6 years ago. Anyway so pagination is what i would do if i want to keep it html/css. CMS sounds like what im thinking as far as having a backend to just drop in content.

what would you suggest? Considering I would have to learn how to set up a CMS? Im thinking about jsut doing it static to start cuz its so much work and im just trying to get on Google’s first page. i rather focus my energy on getting back links. In order to get some of the back links im thinking about getting i need to add reciprocal links so i need a link page. I also will need to organize it some how. Im thinking about doing it by category rather then alphabetically.

I’d suggest a CMS like Perch or MODx, the former being a commercial CMS, but pretty good code-wise.

Wordpress? With their plugin/add-on system I can’t imagine a link based directory is not possible. With the limited experience you seem to have, I would strongly suggest Wordpress. Depending on your host, the setup could be as simple as clicking a button.

I’d just make a PHP array and store each link in there. Count how many links are in the array, and limit it to 25 or so. Whatever number you wish. You can (if ?page=2 or something ilke that) display the links from [26]-[50] or whatever.

Make use of the $_GET in the URL to determine what to display. Though there is no point reinventing the wheel, so you should find a premade script with pagination to control all your data :). What I described above is how I would personally display the data. how does that look to you guys?

Im always afraid to downlaod stuff becuase of viruses. But that php or script seems good

Well I’m not going to download some random link, so I’m sorry :). Could you post some scripts they give? Generally it’s hard to screw up something like pagination with horrible code, and I doubt a website like that has it.

I’d trust it on this one :slight_smile:

It gets 100% on


It’s the principle in the matter. I shouldn’t have to download a script to help people, nor should I have to register an account on a website in order to access member pages which have issues ;).

No i wouldn’t expect all that. I was just wondering if anyone knew the rep of the site. I think im gonna try it out since it seems like the easy solution. and it does everything i want it to do as far as checking reciprocal links and adding and deleting links automatically. Thats sweet.

Well if you ever need help modifying the PHP script with anything, we have a PHP section of these forums which can surely solve any issues :). Might also want to post there and see if there is a cleaner solution in the script. Just a suggestion :).

Thansk alot! and i prob will need it cuz i dont know jack about php and i could learn it but at this point i rather outsource somthing like that If i really need to.

Im thinking I could jsut use that script. I was thinking about maybe i could take there logo off without paying. I know it sounds bad and maybe i should jsut pay the $19 maybe i will.

I started a new thread related to this one at

I basically downloaded the script and uploaded it to my server at [noparse][/noparse] Its a nice script as far as its function I just wish i could embed it into my design so that a user can click from that page to the home page. Also I think this page and all pages should be interconnected,

If the script is copyrighted, they shouldn’t have allowed it for download for public use :). What are the terms and conditions to using it? You should be easily able to convert the script into your homepage. Are you just worried about copyright infringement?

Worried? Yes and no. im sure its just code and you need to delete there name and stuff. Im just not good with php i looked at the files with word pad and couldn’t find there copy right links i think they got it hidden some how. I have no clue how to integrate it into my design I hope someone can help me cuz i dont have money to invest right now.

And im kinda eager to get this page done so i can work on backlinks. But i have no clue how to do it and im gonna get frustrated cuz i dont want to learn php

Terms of use? Basically you can use it as long as you leave there logo and links or whatever. I have no prob with that and if you pay $20 they take it off which is worth it. I emailed them to see if they can tell me how to integrate it like i want.

If I could just leave there copy right on there and jsut embed it in the body of my layout i would be pleased and later il pay them $20 for the license and im happy with that. Im not out to steal he deserves it since im php illiterate and need quick results

ok so i read the user terms and you can modify it or whatever as long as the copyright mark and links are left on there

There’s no way getting around to either learning HTML, CSS, and PHP, if you intend to use that script—which is free, by the way, as long as you keep their “powered by” links—or paying someone to do the work for you. If you can’t afford to pay someone, then you need to learn how to do it yourself.

Nothing can ever get off the ground without some form of investment. As a monetary investment is not possible for you right now, I’d invest into learning the basics of HTML, CSS, and PHP first before trying to modify a third-party script.

agreed. im just hoping someone will tell me how to put this script into my page some how. I do know simple css and html never learned php

do i do somthing like add some kinda php code inside my html web page? like <php lgrab this php file <php?