Layout breaking in IE8 and 9


I have a simple layout with a header, nav, main-content (floated to the left), side-bar (floated to the right leaving a gutter between main-content and side-bar) and of course a footer, I know its hard to know whats wrong but for some reason main-content is pushing side-bar when viewed in IE 8 and 9 (beta) but it looks good on IE6 and 7. Any known issues in IE8 that could be causing this problem?

Thanks a lot!

We really need to see the code for this. The known issues are more with IE6 and 7 rather than 8 and 9! Sounds like a simple problem, but without the code, it’s like ringing the doctor and saying “I don’t feel well. What’s wrong?” and giving no more information. :slight_smile:

I know but unfortunately I dont have this website ready and I’m currently working locally. I started from the scratch deleted some code and the problem disappeared the bad thing is that I didnt know what the problem was.

Thanks for your help, and for being there trying to help thats a big help!