Internet Explorer 8 wrecking my layout

When I look at My Blog in FireFox it looks great, but in IE 8 the content every thing is moved to the left, and parts of the sidebar are misaligned.

This is a wordpress theme that I modified a bit, it’s a 2 column fixed width layout.

Any ideas on how to fix this for IE?

I figured it out.

I had put some meta tag info in the index.php, going for SEO, and that wrecked it for IE 8.

I took the tags out, and it’s fine now.

  • Another issue I’m having with IE 8 though. Images are kind of smudgy looking.

I’ll look into that; However, for now I’ve fixed the problem, by going into Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and clearing the check box for "Always use Clear Type for HTML.

It is because you are throwing IE 8 into a less then optimal mode. You are putting it in IE 7 mode.
Remove the spaces from above the doctype.