Launched a free platform for shared online development

I just launched free platform for online development of web extenstion, client and server side.
i’d appreciate any feedback on usability, user friendliness and quality of the features.


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I just launched free platform for online development of web extension, client and server side.

I believe development on the web is so complex now days (hosting, mobile, angular, and more), and its getting more and more.
If we work together We (developers) can make this process, much easier, and we will focuses on the solution,
spend our effort in the creation (the idea) and not in the development.

So what I give:
A free online platform (amazon clud based) that you can place your Client side code (HTML, CSS, js).
In order to support the editing of the client side code, I added the ability to upload resources (jpg, src, lib).
Now this is great, But Its just client side code, And I want people to develop solutions, so we would like to connect it with server side code.
So this platform has a server side commands support,
It can handle request jsonp, Ajax, it can validate the variables and parsing of the variables, it supports Database (to persist data, SQL), It can perform JMS.
Manage session parameters, and more…

Ok, now that we have a platform that can create a solution, we would like to add the human aspect,
What are the solution echo system?
How to use the solution?
What other solutions in the solution network.
Get notifications on solutions that I use, and accept request from other user on any resource that I created in the platform.
So I created the solution Network of solutions (extension).

Maybe I am naive,
This is my test, to see if I am the only one that think that together we can make our life abit simpler.

My wish is that this social network of solution (extension), will start evolving.
People will find this place, The place for creating a solution that is build from connecting other solutions found on the social network.
And creating a new solution that will be used by others.
It is more welding solutions, and not developing, that is why I called it weldpad.

I’d appreciate any feedback.
Specially about do you like the Idea or not.
It is for sure the next generation of development.

It is a huge platform, and I have some gaps, I am working on closing touse gaps, Please help me in making this dream of development process by welding come true.

Regards Eran


I added some words on this project.
Do is it ok?
What do you think?
Can you relist me?

Regards Eran

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