Laravel installation question

I’m following the Getting started with Laravel and am only in the second step and have a question. I’m installing this on a Windows 10 laptop and am running the commands from the command prompt. When it states to cd to the home directory (cd ~), that makes sense if I was on Unix, but I’m not.

Any recommendations? Isaac? Maybe I missed a step.



Nevermind :slight_smile: Although the video does not show it, I should have started up Virtual Box. Hope this helps someone else.

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Hi Webit,

Though you seemed to have solved your issues, for future reference if you enable the developer option in settings you have the ability to install the bash shell/ Windows Linux Subsystem.

I successfully did install the WLS then easily installed the LAMP stack and composer.
I’ve used composer to install laravel into a subdirectory then view the laravel page in a web browser on the Windows 10 side. SSH is available as well and works quite well.

Usually I just run a vagrant box in VirtualBox for php stuff.



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