Laravel Homestead - what follows - where/how create vagrantfile

Laravel Homestead - what follows - where/how create vagrantfile???

AFTER WHAT FOLLOWS THIS: ==> box: Successfully added box ‘laravel/homestead’ (v8.2.1) for ‘virtualbox’! … ???

==> box: Successfully added box ‘laravel/homestead’ (v8.2.1) for ‘virtualbox’!

leonidass-mbp:vagrant2020 leonidassavvides$ vagrant box list

bento/ubuntu-16.04 (virtualbox, 2.3.5)
laravel/homestead (virtualbox, 2.1.0)
laravel/homestead (virtualbox, 8.2.1) // here is but where vagrantfile is or where create - how create it?
puphpet/centos7-x64 (virtualbox, 20161102)

leonidass-mbp:vagrant2020 leonidassavvides$ history | grep vagrant

488 vagrant version
496 shasum -a
256 vagrant_2.2.6_x86_64.dmg
497 vagrant version
498 vagrant box add laravel/homestead
499 vagrant box add laravel/homestead -c --insecure
500 vagrant box list
501 history | grep vagrant

where is the new Laravel vagrantfile that just installed in my Mac…? how create this DIR with vagrantfile…??? — only the old 2017 install found… where is the just now install ???

leonidass-mbp:vagrant2020 leonidassavvides$ vagrant global-status id name provider state directory

83a8a23 leon virtualbox poweroff /Users/leonidassavvides/Downloads/VMs/puphpet_vagrant

c216e8a default virtualbox poweroff /Users/leonidassavvides/Downloads/eduonix-course-vagrant/Vagrant-Sect3

c0db608 homestead-7 virtualbox poweroff /Users/leonidassavvides/Homestead

14e5f38 default virtualbox poweroff /Users/leonidassavvides/Downloads/eduonix-course-vagrant/Vagrant_Sect4c

Hi am using homestead but I switch to , my experience in homestead it’s very slow when it boot up… try laradock you will get love :slight_smile:


Thank you for the Link Laradock

Can use both [having both installed] in my MacBook Pro… Do you have both installed and use the preferred one or other at a time?

Nope I only installed laradock…

So you removed vagrant [and you used laradock] or used laradock in another PC…?
I think you can have both vagrant and docker but run ONLY one at a time…?

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