Laravel 4 vs Laravel 5

Following the advice of several members of this forum, I am starting to learn the Laravel framework. I have found several good courses on and, but they are for Laravel 4.

I have Laravel now installed after much searching (not easy because the courses are geared towards Macs) and I am using Xampp on a PC. It turns out, however, that I installed Laravel 5.

Will the Laravel 4 courses be totally useless for me in terms of building their demo applications or could I still use them with my Laravel 5 installation. I am coming from almost no experience with PHP frameworks. I have always done things from scratch.

Hi WebMachine,

The differences between Laravel 4 and 5 aren’t as great as the version numbers would suggest. There have been some changes to the folder structure, and a few other relatively minor things. Version 4 tutorials should still be applicable for the most part.

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