Need some help to start with laravel

Hello everyone,

I want to start with laravel since it looks like to have the most potential.
Can somebody help me getting it setup on ?

There is an excellent beginner Laravel course ‘Laravel 5 Fundamentals’ on that explains how to set it up.

Is this a free serie ?

Well, no - but it’s only $7 / month to subscribe to all the courses on

yeah I checked it out quickly but I do not have a credit card so that is a shame.

I just use a pre-paid card, and when it runs out I get another one and change my payment info.

aah nice thanks for the tip.
luckily the fundamentals serie is free :smiley:

So today I was watching laravel fundamentals ep:4

And at the end of the video they where talking about php’s compact function.
So basically the idea was to pass data trough a view and how you could do that in different ways.

Finally this code was shown :


class PagesController extends Controller

    public function about() 
            $first = "Wouter";
            $last = "Van Marrum";
            return view('pages.about', compact('first', 'last'));

Are there people who actually do this more often ?

I never knew about it before looking into using Laravel.

Me neither, I saw it and I was kinda surprised by it.
Going trough the fundamentals will help me a lot jeffrey talks about most things that matter and even gives some handy tips.

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