Landing page help

Was just curious if anyone knew of any simple template forms for making landing pages…And then also of an ebook or good how to site on how
to run some google ads to test a market/conversion rates etc.

I’ve heard that many people can set up landing pages, run google ads, and then get an overall feel for the market before pursuing things further. I’d like to learn the ropes of that process if possible. Thanks in advance for the help!

There are lot of way to setup a lading pages to run Google ads. The easier is using blogger, you can further mapping a custom domain. Blogger is free and well integrate with Google ads.

Ive tried Blogger also. You can put anything you’d like to see in your landing page.

You may refer this link for different templates for landing page

You can create a few landing pages and perform A/B split testing to get the best combination.

I recommend you to buy a domain, there are currently very cheap domains and to install a Blogger blog or Wordpress is very simple. Thus, the user sees a URL more reliable than a free URL.

Also, take a look to this web:

Good Luck!

I wouldn’t recommend using one-page landing page sites if you want to use Google adwords. It will work for a while but most landing pages have weak content and will be slapped with a low quality score in adwords. You may be able to get around this if the landing page is on a good domain with a useful site. But even still, adwords reviewers may focus on the landing page itself and penalize you.