LAMP Help needed

In the last six months, my work’s web server switched from LAMP to WAMP.

I’ve learned to work with WAMP and that’s great. However, NOW we’re switching BACK to a LAMP system in the coming days. The network/server admin is going to set up a server with Fedora 13 on it.

My question is, IS there a LAMP management package similar to the one for WAMP and MAMP? (Kevin Yank showed some of this in the PHP Live class … so those are the ones I’m referring to…) Something that’s a bit more GUI based? I’m not so good with the command line, it makes me nervous. Especially since the PRODUCTION server is to be fully my responsibility in the next few weeks (I’ve never really run a server before and I have to keep this one up, running, patched, secure, etc).

Please help! I’m desperate to do a good job with this.

If no one can help or sees a thread in due time, there’s no reason to be upset. It’s not like you were paying for a service and someone had an obligation to respond.

Now, if you have found the ultimate answer to your question on your own, the nice thing would have been to share it with the world, so that some poor soul who does some research in the future on the same subject, will find it easier than you did.

For now, I’ll go forward with closing the thread. If you want to add something constructive to this topic, feel free to use the report button and ask for it to be reopened.

… Thanks so much for all the help …

This thread can be closed or deleted … its too late for the help now.