Setting up of Server for LAMP

I am planning to setup a LAMP server for our web development company. We are planning to use it in our local network. But I have some doubts in it.

Please, give some advises on it :

  1. Which Linux version is best for LAMP
  2. I need to take the backup of the files daily at a specific time, any tool for doing that ?
  3. So this local server will be used by our employees and staffs. But at the end of the day, we need to upload the entire files automatic to our remote server with there database using cpanel. Can we make them automated ?

I cannot make the local server ON 24/7. So need the remote server too. So any useful suggestions ?

1.) Depends on what you know. Debian and Centos (Redhat) are both very common as is Ubuntu in many instances. All 3 have some considerable differences and may not make it easy to transfer between.
2.) There are plenty. Look at solutions using S3 (Jungledisk is a great one)
3.) Yes, CRON and RSYNC should foot the bill quite well.

Perhaps if your just using this for development you should look at even more localaized solutions such as MAMP or XAMPP combined with SVN or another solution that would allow changes to be committed.

Which Linux version is best for LAMP

CentOS seems to be pretty popular for web hosting purposes. I don’t know if that makes it the best though. :slight_smile:

I am also planning to use XAMP or MAMP and SVN too.

Any tools in Linux to make dynamic IP to some domain ?

Please help.

Also is it possible to have a mirror HD for it ?

  1. I’d say for a local development server, Centos or Ubuntu - most web hosting companies will use one of these 2 in their hosting offerings.

  2. Backups can be done via a few scripts and some systems like rsync, or an application like BackupPC (BackupPC: Open Source Backup to disk)

  3. I wouldn’t do this automatically daily, I’d look at using Subversion to allow the devs to ‘checkin’ complete code and then upload from this (svn update)

So if my hosting server is not having SVN installed, can I make an automatic upload daily using SVN ?
Please advise me.

Personally, I wouldn’t make an ‘automatic’ upload daily, in case something has been broken in the repo etc :slight_smile:

However, an svn export and ftp then if you don’t want to svn update on the server :slight_smile:

Sorry, actually I didt understand what you mean. So we need an SVN update in the remote server inorder to do an automatic update from local-remote server ?

No - if you DON’T want to svn update the remote server, and you ARE using svn, you’ll do…

svn export
then ftp this export.