hey guys :slight_smile:

Does anyone know or have any accurate estimate of how kproxy works? Does it utilize cURL? How many web servers does it have? Are the servers hosted by the kproxy organization themself, or a public web host? How many users approximately can each web server host browsing simultaneously? Are the servers all physical and hooked up with top of the line hardware specializing in proxying HTTP requests?

Very interested and specific searches come up blank on Google.

P.S. You know, just forget about and apply this to any popular web proxy service. I’m just curious about these questions in general, not JUST for kproxy.

My guess is they’re probably using a ‘proper’ proxy server application (Squid Cache or a proxy setup in Apache). They might not even be using PHP for the proxying data.

As for their stats and performance, I don’t think many people here will know much about that as they probably don’t share that info. Maybe kproxy can help you further if they’re willing to share that information?

Thanks for that. We’ll what I’m really interested is the beforementioned questions but for web proxy services in general. Mainly how many servers they use, how many conurrent users the service and each erver can probably support, and maybe some rough esimates on price like is this A HUGE investment? Ballpark stuff.

How many users do you want?

Then a server expert might be able to estimate what kind of setup would be required :slight_smile:

Millions of users. :slight_smile: concurrently surfing via my cURL proxy.

How many servers would it require? Probably like 10,000 or something ridiculous

Perhaps this site isn’t the best place to seek help for servers in specific, eh? Anyone know any good forum sites for my kind of question? I love this site and will never stop using it, but just for this case?

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You’re not going to get millions of simultaneous users on a server. The main limitation will be bandwidth available.

Probably worth having a look on webhostingtalk for more in depth information, there are dozens of people on there every day that think proxy services are a good idea :rolleyes:

How many simultaneous users do you think then? 5000?