How many users would this support?

With the most standard web server with PHP, because I don’t have specs at the moment. Just one server. How many users can it support at the same time doing the following:

User types in URL, CURL grabs URL and changes all links to direct to a different website (a tags, area tags), and a few other regexp replacements. Server spits back the new HTML code to user to view.

I am just trying to wrap my head around performance and how many users can this support.

Way too many variables to answer. What’s your server’s connection speeds? RAM? PHP Memory Allocation? What URL’s will you be connecting to? What’s their connection speeds? What code are you using for the replacement? Are you only needing to make one curl call per URL, or is it a multiquery… etc…etc…etc…

8GB ram
Any and all URLs
one call per url

Now do you have an estimate?

MB/s? or Mb/s? Operating System?

Anyway. Assuming this machine and connection is doing nothing but powering your website alone, I’d guess you’d do decently well for around 100ish simultaneous users.

All of this is pure guesswork, of course; still far too many variables.

What kind of processor is it? single core, multi core? speed? 32 bit? 64 bit?

You can simulate many users using Apache’s ab, then just aggregate information from the server to get a rough idea of performance/capability.

dual core 2.26 GHz, 32 bit

Mb/s, Mac OS X, thank you for your estimates, I really do appreciate it. 100ish concurrent users really sounds great.

That’s not very strong, but indeed indeed as StarLion says 100ish should be doable. Anthony’s suggestion to use ab is also very good! We can talk until we’re blue in the face but it’s better to try and actually see what happens :slight_smile:

Thanks so much guys <3