Keyword Domain Aged Or New Whats Better

Mat Cutz Blog crew video at ytube pointed out a huge domain keyword facto - he the Google guru unleashed its mastery that unfolded in front of viewers that can comprehend - why and whats best in the weight of key words in a domain - Mat Did comment on Google’s ability to index keyword on page as well - - SO youre insight is crucial here at — what youre take I just bought

Bottom line is this here the weight per keyword is density crawl-able - oahu was 1,830,000 - the word remodeling gave me 673,000:blush:

in real time with those competition keywords searched globally at higher rank in Hawaii per say ------- is this a projected targeted nich for traffic… meaning the dual keyword domain vs three words - whats the best - in plainly trying to rank high for remodeling - also its a wp blog not html … ive yet to install wp on it … :x

If that old domain name was yours and you 100% sure that had clear and white SEO history of course aged domain name would be better as for me.
But in any case that will be only small part of your success in overal SEO process.

I decided to go with a new direct domain - this domain was clear cut and ready to hit high ranks - after speaking to top seo companies - experts advice only one major keyword to help engines crawl - and searches locate the phrase sought out:D

I could not find a related domain to target - so I get what I work for in this trade… - unique contents are posted on this remodel blog already - with a wordpress powered theme and all the top seo plug ins im sure it will top ranks… :x

I suppose in this situation you also can use both of the domain name.
Set up one domain name as main domain name and another one use to redirect traffic.

SiberForum Thanks - The Reality of domain 301 redirecting - It can Help - However I want all my domains crawl able and indexable - redirects cant offer deep saturation in the Ses ---- why waste a domain name, while it could be gaining link juice and eCommerce in search …

Ive had many discussions with top level seo’s on global networks - a good domain is worth more when it is listed on a server with meta behind it … the contents make it hit harder :injured: