Are multiple domains betterthan keywords?

Good morning

Client wants to buy quite a lot of domain names - all pointing to the main site. For example: say main domain is “paperproducts”. He wants to buy “Sydneypaperproducts”, “Melbournepaperproducts” , “paperenvelopes” and so on, as a way of his site coming up when people search for the product in the town where they live and for the product using similar terms to the product name.

Could the same results be achieved just by using keywords in the metadata? I have read that a lot of people don’t use keywords (metadata) any more but just use the keywords as part of the site content.

Is it a waste of money buying multiple domains? He is quite happy and prepared to pay - it was his idea, not mine, but will it be effective?

Thank you.

In all truth my experience of multiple domains is that they are rarely beneficial unless they are aged domains. If your client buys say 15 domains, they will all have a similar age. If your client wants to go down this route I’d suggest buying established domians from a site like, that way they’ll hold a little more value with Google. The other option is for them to create sub domains, it’s cheaper and may be more effective.

Thanks Paid Surveys - I hadn’t thought of that! Its years since I’ve set up a subdomain so I’ll do some research. Thank you!

Have been looking at this for hours - does Google index subdomains if the subdomain is not a site or page but just a link(redirected) to the main site? eg: Assuming here “subdomain” is a separate descriptive word for “mysite” that someone may use in a search engine.

Or is this practice frowned upon?