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I am planning for a new website. It is a service providing website in major cities in India(Chennai, Bangalore or consider New York, Los Angels). I am targetting long tail keywords.For example

SO-and-so delivery in new york
SO-and-so home delivery in new york

I searched for the terms so-and-so in google adwords keyword tool and google suggested 120 keywords containing both the words “so-and-so” “New York”.

Now I am confused because I cannot write a page for each of the 120 keywords. I can provide good content for 4 to 5 keywords.

My idea is I gave the 120 keywords in a Keyword density checker tool and tried to get most repeated words. For example for these five keywords

SO-and-so delivery in newyork
SO-and-so home delivery in newyork
so-and-so same day delivery in newyork
best so-and-so in newyork
online so-and-so in newyork

I get the keyword density results as

newyork - 5 times
so-and-so - 5 times
delivery - 3 times
online - 1 times
best - 1 times
same day - 1 times

Now that I got the most searched single word keywords My idea is to coin a new keyword

“best online so-and-so same day delivery in newyork”
“best online so-and-so same day delivery in california”

The above keyword 80% covers the words in the 5 keywords which I obtained from google adwords.

Is my approach correct or what should I do.

Remember these are long tail and “so-and-so” single word is a keyword with huge search volume.I want only long tail as i am starting new.

Please throw light on this.

Using phrases, as you’re trying to do, works better than using a keyword or a short phrase. What you have to look is to ROI (return of investment). Basically, you have to look at the ratio between searches and competitors.

To me, your approach is OK. You do have to understand that while you may be top one for the phrase “best online so-and-so same day delivery in X”, that doesn’t mean that the result will translate into higher clicks for the specific keywords (like best, so-and-so, or same day)

You shouldn’t choose the words in your keywords because they have high search volume and then create a new keyword phrase with all of them, thinking that it will give you a better chance to beat the competition. It will not work like that.

What will work is the number of searches that your keyword, the whole thing, has.

Hi Ramachandran.

Let me tell you first that If your targeting long tail keywords then It will help you to get more visitor in your website. But I suggest to use Google phrase option to get the exact idea.

Mostly People use long tail keyword when they are looking for various option. When people use the word Best or Top 10 in this condition people want to know the alternatives for particular products or services.

if your service is really a competitive to the local business then you can use such keywords.

Because your impression and clicks are fully depend upon Google Ad Ranks.

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