Just curious, Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosts?

I’m curious how many “experts” use a vps un-managed host as opposed to a managed host? I’ve set up a
bunch of corporate websites on Microsoft server, and have since used managed hosts for Wordpress
(and other) sites. I’m proud to say I’ve just set up my first site on a vps server, soup to nuts! It was great,
I love it! I started designing the site today and it’s a really good feeling to be in control of it all.

I’ll never go back to managed hosting!

We use un-managed hosting hosting as it gives you the ability to be in control of nearly everything, so you can be calm about your websites.

Unmanaged option is good if you know how to manage a server. Always remember please: managing a server is not install-and-forget. You will have to know how it’s working, analysis the systems log, update software, keep it secured and optimized, etc. I have seen many people choose unmanaged servers to keep lower cost. But they end up with higher costs, when servers go down, they have to spend their time to fix problems (even sometimes they can’t). By that way, they don’t have time enough to focus on their business.

Since you don’t know the difference, I suggest you stay with managed host servers. Unmanaged will allow you to customize the server and optimize it to your liking but is more difficult to do properly if you do not know what you are doing.

i like web apps to be managed and mails to be unmanaged too much work for me just my 2 cents

i also love to work on un-managed hosting as there is a lots of things to learn and rnd improve our knowledge as well. earlier i was handling approx 700 clients with a minimum of 2000 websites… was working on the un-managed hosting of those websites. it was an amazing experience, would love to work on un-managed hosting again if i’ll get a chance to do.

For people without systems administration expertise, unmanaged might be fine… until disaster strikes. e.g getting hacked, corrupted database, file recovery etc.
There is a balance to be made between criticality of service uptime, cost, learning new skills and a persons availability and knowledge to sort issues. While I self manage most of the sites I deal with, for some large clients that would be on the phone within minutes of a problem, I delegate their hosting to premium managed host that has round the clock expert support.

I have been using un managed VSP hosting, that always a great option without getting any kind of trouble

If you have experience of few years in web hosting setups then there is no point in going for managed hosting but one thing is sure a webmaster can not of as experienced as a support guy of a web hosting company.

Very much agreed. The support from the provider on managed plans is so much in terms of security and peace of mind. Unless you are a IT or have one hired to monitor your servers at all times, there is a risk you run going unmanaged without proper knowledge.

If you are happy with the server management, keeping it up to date, installing software - unmanaged is the way to go. If you are not comfortable with those, managed is probably the best - a service where you can say to your provider, “i need to do X” and they go and do it for you.

Most small hosting packages are managed (you don’t get access to the server), once you get a VPS or dedicated, then the option exists. Mostly I know unmanaged users myself - we all like full control over things but I do know some companies that pay the extra for managed offerings.