July Photo Challenge: "Dogs"

Are you a dog person?

This month’s challenge, “Dogs”. Photograph your favourite, four-legged canid; Whether it’s your pet, your neighbour’s pitbull, your sister’s terrier. Let’s see what you can do.

If you’re a ‘dog person’ or not, this challenge is open to all. As usual, we’ll vote in an open poll on a winner!

Our winner has a choice of any of the prizes below. Runner up receives their choice of our selection of ebooks.

[list=1][*]A one month subscription to Learnable.

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The Rules:

No goofy Photoshop effects or overdone photo-manipulation. Entrants are allowed to correct colour, contrast, and make minor tweaks such as removing litter or distracting objects from a photo, but no surreal colours or crazy filters.

Help with Uploading:
How to upload images and other resources with your post by ralph.m .

So. Get out there. And get to clicking!

My wife took this the other day, but it captures their personalities well…

Your “dog” is yummy, Shaun. LoL!

They are adorable!

Look at their tongues!

haha, Thanks!

Now that is an excellent example of a “creative interpretation” of the Challenge Topic, @Shaun_OfTheDead;!
Let me say, I always relish your photo submissions.

Am I allowed to enter a photo I’ve used for another competition on here?

I’ll post it anyway because it’s a fun photo. I was stood waiting for some people to move out of my shot when this lonely dog walked right into the frame.

That is a great “candid” shot, @TomB;! Do you think that dog was lost, or headed toward a person who was just out of the frame?

Here is an entry from my family photos. ‘Gonzo’ is a Black Lab who left us for his final rest about a year ago. He was gentle and loving. This is a favorite family Christmas photo.

It seemed pretty lost. After I took the photo it sat down for about 20 seconds then wandered back in the direction it came from, the opposite direction than it’s facing in the photo. You’d think you’d be able to see the owner in the reflection because you can see right around the corner (The reflection was what I was actually trying to get)

Mmm, saucy. (Let the buns begin…)

I can’t match Shaun’s creative genius, but I’ve got a couple of poochy pics here:

Wendy the Collie

Curious dog on a lead


Very punny, ParkinT. Very punny.

Looks like he has a harness. I guess his owner was milling around somewhere.

Nice photo.

He’s so sweet!

What sweet doggies! I want to give Curious a big kiss on his nose!

I am not really a doggy person and this is one I took for a friend a coupl of years ago:

Dude! That’s awesome!

Thanks @Shaun_OfTheDead ;

Dog Social



What a happy dog Bailey looks like.

Thanks! He pretty much is!

Poll added. Please vote for your favourite photo at the top of this thread! :slight_smile: