jQuery with Ajax

Hello everyone,

I am a novice designer/programmer. I need to implement a feature similar to this in my project. http://www.shirtsmyway.com/design_myshirt.php

Can someone tell me what exactly is going on in the background? Another member told that its a bunch of images placed on top of one another using Ajax and jQuery . Can anyone explain in detail? Are these real images? I mean, are these images photographed or just made up in an image editor? How should i set a generic framework for this feature? More the details, more helpful it would be.

I started learning jQuery a few days back. I know some basic JavaScript but not at an advanced level. Now, is it possible to learn Ajax with jQuery alone or should i have more thorough knowledge in javascript?


You have already made a post about this http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=725458

Yes, that is what i mentioned in this post. I already pointed that one of the members answered my question previously. I was already advised of the process but i need some more details. Like where should i start and also about the jQuery and Ajax topic.


The script they use is custom built and quite advanced, i would consider you spend a good few solid months building your skills as a beginner you are far off from that.

Thanks for the advise. About the javascript? Is it ok to go with jQuery with out actually going deep in to javascript or is it a bad idea?

Typically its better to learn native JS and jQuery but learn native JS first as its better to understand the overall concept before moving into a library.