Need An Expert Advice - Which AJAX Lib Should Be I Consider For Learning


I need an Advise from those who are an expert in AJAX/Javascript I’m a PHP Developer and so far I was using ready to use AJAX codes/scripts but I realized I should be master in at least 1 AJAX Library or Toolkit. Please tell me what should I do, though I can’t spare a lot of time but even then whenever I have time I wish to continue learning something which you guys will advice me :-

  1. jquery
  2. dojo
  3. Prototype

I need to learn that one which is powerful and solve most of the problems and easy to use.

The point of a library is the reverse but I’ve seen what you’ve alluded to occur before.

OP> I got serious about learning javascript alongside prototype. I didn’t realize until much later that prototype takes advantage of the javascripts prototypical inheritance to work it’s magic, and many of it’s functions aren’t part of pure js. It took me a while to get used to what was pure js and what was prototype.

jQuery makes what belongs to itself more obvious because it doesn’t modify the object prototypes. Lack of that confusion phase may be beneficial, but it may not.

The main split between these two frameworks lies at this key disagreement. jQuery is self contained, doesn’t pollute the global namespace, and so “plays well with others” as far as running your script alongside other scripts you find online. Prototype definitely does NOT play well with other scripts unless they also require prototype.

On the other hand prototype possesses a library to emulate classical inheritance. jQuery does not and will likely never have one since it’s creator, John Resiq, is on record calling everyone who likes classical inheritance an idiot.

In my professional opinion jQuery is best suited for small tasks that can be plugged into pages quickly. Large enterprise level javascript applications are better served by prototype since it has a better mechanisms for code reuse through its classical inheritance emulation.

You cannot demand such answers from a forum, especially so broad. A similar question could be is PHP or ASP better. Well if you are a PHP guy, you’ll say PHP… if you are an ASP guy, you’d say ASP.

If noone is replying to any topic then it’s moderator duty to reply to that topic whereas even after requesting there was no reply.

What would be an appropriate reply? To say that they are sorry you didn’t get a reply?

There is no expert here who has mastered AJAX/ Javascript and give me an advice!

I absolutely hate DOJO. I wouldn’t recommend using that library at all. The number one reason why I hate it is that it supports invalid mark-up. I’ve never used prototype or script However, I have used JQuery and it is a relatively nice light weight collection of utility functions that you can decide to use when you want. That is one of the nice things about JQuery. If you know JavaScript well you can be selective in its use. The other library that is worth mentioning is YUI. YUI is much more than just a collection of library functions but a component library built on an object oriented paradigm. YUI vs. JQuery I prefer YUI as its more robust and object-oriented. Though JQuery is all the rage these days. YUI is targeted more towards programmers in its design than designers, like JQuery. If you desire a normalized function library for common tasks use JQuery, otherwise you want something more robust and object oriented use YUI. One point worth mentioning is the animation component for YUI is much more powerful/flexible and even fluent than JQuery.

I found JQuery very appealing and I have been using it for some time now without any regrets.

I had looked at the Prototype API, but since I was used to JQuery I had a biased opinion and I did some of the commands in prototype. I have never looked at Dojo or scriptaculus.

Good luck.

Thanks spikeZ and felgall (Stephen) for answering.

Thanks again, felgall(Stephen) for looking into my problem, your answer shows your experince and I completely agree with you so I’d love to act upon your advice :slight_smile:

I visited to your site’s Javascript section :-

I already know almost everything which was listed there (I know there are so many thing which I don’t know about Javascript) and as far as is concerned everthing is splitted in bits which is hard for a newbie to arrange all the peice of information.

If I do google then 1 peice of information is on 1 site and 1 is on other so I’d like to request as you’ve a lot of experience, kindly tell me a place where I can go through Javascript tutorial step by step in an easy manner so that latter on I can learn jquery.

I heard a lot about sitepoint so I was very exicited and eager about my first visit, I signed up for site and forum as well and I started getting a lot of mails :-

containing messages for signup this, signup that…there were a lot of things which you can explore and in a nutshell there was a lot of propeganda and I was impressed whatever was wrrtiten in all those emails.

I started a topic on Sep 30 then till next day there was no reply, I requested to reply to my thread but again there was no reply then at last I wrote my final message and I quit.

If noone is replying to any topic then it’s moderator duty to reply to that topic whereas even after requesting there was no reply.

So you shouldn’t have asked me for the explanation.

I suggest that you learn JavaScript to an intermediate level before you look at any libraries. That way you will be able to use the library properly instead of using a half a dozen library calls to do what two ordinary JavaScript commands can do as many people who learn a library without first learning the language often end up with.

Personally I would go with jQuery as it is pretty robust and easy very to learn.

Just out of interest could you explain what you mean by

where moderators are responsive to their responsibilities

How are we shirking our responsibilities? I cant exactly go bull whipping members into answering your question can I?

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