jQuery v2.0.= no more IE6/7/8 support

jQuery v1.9 will be the last legacy IE support. I guess I will not be upgrading for awhile because IE 10 will remain around 10% usage for quite some time probably because its tied to XP.

You mean IE8 will be around a while because it is the latest version XP supports - not IE10.

Thats weird. I wonder were my brain went while I was writing that? Lol. Yes of course you are correct.

For me, this is good news.
I can’t wait to ditch support for IE 7 & 8 and this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Do you really know anybody still on XP?

I’m on XP at work and have multiple IEs installed.

Everything besides dedicated mobile sites I still make sure things looks alright in iE7+. About 35% of our audience is still using IE7. Hard to argue with numbers. Probably should point out that I work for a company that owns several small, medium and large newspapers around the US. So we are talking several enterprise level sites with millions of hits each month.

I think it is a bit wee premature to be dropping IE7 – IE8. I understand why the decision was made but don’t really agree with it on a practical level. Than again the people behind jQuery can pretty much do whatever they want and us developers will just figuratively have to take it up the @ss. They know it and we know it. Power hungry individuals who think they can *change things but in all reality they are probably going to just make things worst for those who have to deal with practical problems, not a fantasy world. Inevitable there will be a point where people only use the most recent version. Hopefully those developing open source projects realize it will be important to use the one that still back-ports to legacy IE. IE7 is really far from dead and IE8… probably no where near dead. At least not based on numbers I have seen and we have pretty sophisticated tracking tools for our slew of sites.

Seems like the mentality has recently transitioned from browser agnostic sites to browser specific sites forcing users to upgrade. I guess that is one way to do it but some users won’t or will not be able to. At that point we than start loosing traffic to pursue this technology cause. A cause that might seem alright if you are a developer but not so alright from a business/customer stand-point. For example, we use Drupal. If Drupal 9 sucombs to jQuery 2.0 than that would really be a bomb for us. The last thing I’m doing is writing work-arounds to have Drupal 9 JavaScript work with IE7/IE8/IE9. F**k that…

Man, that sucks.
What’s the reason for this?
Support for XP ends in 2014, so I guess you’ll have to update by then.

This is true.
I also make sure that nothing breaks badly in IE 7, but am quite happy for it not to look pixel perfect.

lol. Im still on an XP as well. Very soon though to be on a brand new mac.

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Which should I get? The macbook pro 15 inch with retina or the iMac destop 27 inch? Either would be my main only machine. While it would be nice to be able to work while on vacation and such I hate to give up the 27 inch screen space. That would be a step down from my screen size now. Curretly I only work at my desk (ie desktop). Difficult desion