IE7 or IE8, what is the best starting point

Lately, I’ve been starting my IE styling with IE8 and anything below IE8, I have a conditional comment with to send them to upgrade their browser.

Should I still be starting with IE7 or does anyone even use IE7 anymore?


IE7 is pretty much dead. IE8 is probably the last browser I’d fully support only because it’s the last IE to be on XP. Not everyone can upgrade OS’s due to hand-me-down computers, etc. IE7 is dead and the global user statistics are very low. You can feel good about not supporting it.

Thanks Ryan,

That’s what I thought too, especially based off Google Analytics and current browser stats. It’s always nice to have a second opinion.


No offense but those statistics are only for w3schools website. These aren’t global browser statistics. One websites statistics don’t generally prove anything. Especially since those visiting w3schools will be more educated about browsers and will know to stay away from IE7…thus giving false confidence.

oh, dang. I’m not sure I was aware of that. Do you know of a similar site with better global stats?

I don’t and I don’t believe there’s a website that accurately gives user support statistics globally.

I like trying to predict what my users will be using…If my target audience might be for older and less tech-savvy people, I might code for IE7 just in case. Just check your visitor logs and see what percent of what browsers are being used - I generally go off of that.

SitePoint publishes monthly data from StatCounter, which has a strong reputation. Here’s the latest monthly browser roundup:

Browser support for IE6,7 and 8 is so low now they get lumped together as a group. Anyhow, their usage is very low.

I have no sympathy for people on XP, either, as they could be using Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. Anything but stinkin’ IE. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no idea how my site looks in IE7… I don’t even care… is that bad?

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I think you can safely forget about it now. I haven’t checked it in years.

Unless you’re government or something then I wouldn’t worry about it.

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