jQuery strangeness - image wont load 2nd time in SF & Chrome

Have a light box script I built and it works fine in IE, FF, Opera but in both Google Chrome and Safari the image doesn’t load if you try to fire it again.

In easier terms, if you click on the image that fires the event and shows the ‘super sized’ image in the light box it works fine the first time. If you then close the lightbox and click on the image again the lightbox shows up but there is no image.

I even added some alerts to see what was happening and in IE, FF & Opera both the alerts fire all the time, in Safari and Chrome they both fire the first time but the second time only the 1st alert fires.

function ChangeLightBoxImage(image_num, gall_num)	{
    .load(function () {
    .attr('src', "/images/galleries/" + gall_num + "/" + image_names[image_num]);

Any ideas what these two browsers may be doing?

If you read my post I said both fire in everything but those two browsers.

Do your alerts get triggered?
Note: It is bad debugging practise to have 2 alerts outputting the same value. How do you distinguish from the 2?