Why won't Lightbox load two images (loads rest ok)?!

I am using the Lightbox plugin for a gallery page. On the live site two of the images I added after I built the original gallery WILL NOT LOAD/SHOW on the lightbox! I cannot find any errors/discrepancies in my coding, and the previews (using Dreamweaver) in several browsers work FINE.

I have deleted and re-put the entire site from scratch, but still no success.

What am I missing?!?

Here is the page – the uncooperative images are towards the end of the gallery (images 35 and 38): Cadogan Gardens - Creative Landscapes garden design landscaping in Melbourne Victoria


In your links you have P0 for example but all your others are named differently, when i change the P to a zero the image loaded fine.

So the images aren’t appearing at all? This is a bit confusing. Do you see them in the HTML but they are not showing in the browser, or are they not even in the HTML? If they aren’t in the HTML at all, then how is the HTML being created? Is a CMS managing this,or are you writing the code by hand?

EDIT: Ah, well spotted SgtLegend!

Thanks SgtLegend – I tried removing the P (leaving just 097 and 098) but still won’t work for me?? I have updated the site, so would you mind having another look?

Thank you.

Thanks, too, ralph. No, images are not appearing at all for me. They are in the HTML, but not showing in the browser (on the live site, anyway – as I said when I preview via Dreamweaver, the page works perfectly and the pics come up no probs).

I am writing the code by hand.

I am presuming something is amiss at the remote end. But what…

Sorry what i meant was rather then just remove the P replace it with a zero “0” instead as your naming convention is designed to have 00xx.jpg.

An example would be here (see the red 0):

<a title="Hover mouse top right for next, and top left for previous." rel="lightbox[gallery]" href="http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/images/gallery pics/WEB SIZE/[COLOR="Red"]0[/COLOR]098.jpg"><img height="120" width="170" alt="98 thumb" src="http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/images/gallery pics/WEB SIZE/098thumb.jpg">

By the way, avoid ever having gaps in your URLs, such as

/gallery pics/WEB SIZE/

Instead, it should be something like


and preferably all lower case.

Thank you both very much! I will try it with the changes you suggested.

I worked the damn thing out – the pix not working had the “jpg” extension in upper case in the images folder! Not sure why dreamweaver’s preview allowed them to work.

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to help – much appreciated, and I did learn some valuable things.