jQuery versions conflict?

I have a site which uses a version of jQuery that might be an older version and when I try to add the code for PrettyPhoto which uses jQuery version 1.4.2 the site breaks. The earlier version of jQuery is used to implement the accordion effect and the background resizing effect.

Can someone peek at the multiple versions of jQuery in my code and tell me more about what is going on and how I can fix it?

Here is a link to the site in question:


I see. This is something I did not know. I was able to remove the older version and just call the latest version for both effects (accordion and prettyPhoto).

I appreciate your help felgall! You have helped me out several times before and you have saved the day once again! Thank you so much.


The first step would be to delete the old copy of JQuery since you can only have one copy of it attached to a web page.

If doing that breaks the script that used it then you’d need to rewrite theat script to use the new version of JQuery.